This 22 week interior tenant fit-up within this Class “A” office tower at 99 Bank Street, was a two-phase project with 25,503 square feet to be demolished back to base building followed by construction of a complete new office set up.

Phase 1 saw a sound rated demising wall built to separate the construction crew from the Phase 2 side where the existing office staff were still in full operation. Work was completed during regular working hours in a fully operational live building. Once Phase 1 was complete we worked with our client to coordinate their move over from Phase 2 into their new Phase 1 space.

Phase 2 was completed in the same manner as Phase 1. All noisy work against building structure was carried out after hours with all scanning reviewed by the building owner prior to any concrete coring. Work included phasing, demolition, scanning & coring, paint & specialty wall coverings, custom millwork & upholstery, architectural fabric acoustic panels, smart & back painted glass, PC 350 Elite, walls & ceilings and substantial mechanical and electrical work.