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Diverse and unique are the two words that drive the direction of our specialty and residential division. From custom homes to restaurants to luxury condominiums, we offer a complete design-build resource with a single point of contact. This minimizes risks for our clients as well as a reduction in the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.

Allowing our clients a hands-on roll in the design and building phase provides us the opportunity to achieve innovations and flexibility during the project. Every project requires a unique approach in order to achieve success. Our philosophy has always been to envision our client’s goals and then educate them on how they will be achieved.

In a world that is rigid and flush with budgets and time lines we’re creative. We want to find more than one way to approach a problem. It’s this desire to question and restructure a solution that keeps our team knowledge expanding and our clients engaged. Unique projects require personalized and flexible solutions.

Johnny Farina
First Avenue / Patterson Creek
Al's Steakhouse
The Empire Grill
450 Minto Place
151 Chapel Street
Custom Home
37 Enterprise
86 Murray Street
325 Crestview Road
Welcome Moments Manor