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Building on a half century of experience, the expansion of Bassi Construction has evolved into the creation of Basscon Group Inc. Acting as an extension of Bassi Construction, Basscon Group specializes specifically in construction project management.

By successfully transforming the traditional builder/client relationship into a value driven team approach, we gain operational efficiencies, ensure effective resource allocation, and facilitate accurate and timely communication with our clients.

While innovation and attention to detail are at the core of our internal process, we never lose sight of budgets or time lines throughout the life cycle of a project. It is with this approach that we have developed long term relationships with our clients and have built a reputation of confidence and trust. That's what makes us different.

Below are samples of current and past projects demonstrating the diverse range and extent of our project management experience.

SoHo Parkway
SoHo Lisgar
SoHo Champagne
Soho Italia
Orleans Dental
Eurotile Warehouse
First Patterson
236 Richmond Road