BASSI Construction LTD.

425 University Ave, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario  M5G 1T6
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2575 Delzotto Avenue, Unit A
Ottawa, Ontario  K1T 3V6
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As the founder of Bassi Construction, in 1963 Mario Bassi laid the foundation for what has made us one of Ottawa's oldest and most respected masonry and concrete restoration providers. Serving as the cornerstone of Bassi Construction, masonry and concrete restoration has continued to flourish as an important building block of our company's ever-expanding skill set.

Our restoration experts use non-destructive methods of examining hidden conditions in order to identify and illustrate where the causes of damage and deterioration originated. This is critical to a successful restoration. We then develop strategies specifically designed to stabilize, repair and replenish the structure to its original state.

Today all of our residential and commercial projects benefit from over 50 years experience in the industry giving us unparalleled expertise and efficiency that we share with all of our clients. Customer satisfaction is our goal. By providing customized solutions for every job, we guarantee that we will never compromise on quality, safety and efficiency.

1480 Altavista
90 George Street
Peter Morand Crescent
Porter Island
Riverside Gate
Trim Road Plaza
411 Roosevelt Avenue
238 Besserer Street
2201 Riverside Drive
123 Echo Drive
150 Queen Elizabeth Drive
1025 Richmond Road
61 McEwen
201 Bell Street
2841 Richmond Road
1725 Riverside Drive
Montfort Hospital
Rideau Terrace
665 Bathgate Drive
1735 Riverside Drive
111 Echo Drive
400 Slater Street
185 Clearview Drive
230 Brittany Drive